Grow and Go Opportunities

Grow and Go Opportunities

Gospel Group Leaders, consider how you can help your Group members to Grow In The Gospel, and Go With The Gospel.  The ideas below are simply a few ideas to help Groups as they consider blessing the city.

Seek The City’s Welfare:
The fourth objective in the Expectant Exiles (Fall 2020) Strategy is to Seek the city’s welfare – God’s people were not against their cities of exile, but they were for them. We want each group to select one way that you can bless the city around you. Think of places where your group has a natural connection and a personal motivation, and come up with a plan to seek the city’s welfare together.”

Piedmont Women’s Center:
Contact Tami Howell, 244-1434,

The BrightCourse Parenting Program, which currently has about 50 people enrolled, could use some groups to help love on the program graduates.  These are people who have completed 10 parenting sessions to help prepare them to be a better parent.  A Gospel Group could help provide baby items for graduates, or come up with other ways to show God’s Love to these new parents.

They are also in short supply of crocheted baby booties, hats and blankets to put in baby bundles. They need these all through the year, but right now they need some quickly.  This could be a great project for a ladies group to do.

Miracle Hill Ministries:
Contact Chelsia Allison, 268-4357,

With the numbers of adults going through their ministries, the need for facemasks is ongoing.  They would really prefer the homemade kind that can also have a filter placed inside.  This would be a great project for a group with sewing skills to help with.

The “Children’s Home” is now known as “Foster Family Homes”.  Each home is now used by a Foster Family where multiple foster children are able to live together as a family.  These homes have large yards which require a lot of leaf raking or blowing in the Fall.  This could be a great project for a Group with children to help out.  The work would have to be scheduled with the Foster Family – through Chelsia.  A Group might also be able to provide meals for one of the Foster Family Homes.

A Group could possibly host a cook out or some sort of meal for the Overcomers or Renewal groups.

Project Host Soup Kitchen:
Contact Christy Warren, 906-5556,

Currently Project Host is serving hot and cold bag lunches.  Volunteers are still needed but the need is limited.  Normally about 3 volunteers in the morning and 3-4 in the afternoon.  Sign up to serve at, or contact Christy Warren.

Groups could also help by:

  • Making sandwiches and give to Project Host.
  • Purchase and cut melons and bag into individual serve baggies.
  • Make pasta or fruit salad and bag for individual serve baggies.
  • Purchase items for the bag lunches:
    • Water Bottles, water flavor packets
    • Fresh fruit, not apples
    • Lunch meats
    • Granola Bars
    • Individual bags of chips
    • Cheese sticks

Please contact Christy Warren before collecting any of these items to find out any details and the greatest need.

Joyful Ornaments:
Contact Kristi Giddens, 864-313-8358,

Participate with the Wednesday Prayer time, either live or zoom, and pray with Joyful Ornaments for their recipients and participants.

Possibly adopt a recipient and help bless them with meals (or meal cards), visits (as possible), and or cards.

Indian Upstate Fellowship:
Contact Suresh Jonnalagadda, 864-561-1016,

A Gospel Group could help by encouraging this group as they come to worship on Sundays.  Attend their 4:30 worship time, build relationships with some of the individuals.

David’s Table
Contact Skeeter Powell, 864-915-2479,

They are still doing virtual meetings at this point, but a group could decide to partner with this ministry and encourage their friends.  Sending cards or treats to the kids, work to build relationships with some of the kids and families.

Cedar Grove Baptist Church
Contact Bryce Staggs, 864-580-8660,

Choose to worship with Cedar Grove for a period to help Bryce and the church.

The front steps had carpet removed and needs to be pressure washed.  The front sign also needs to be cleaned.

At some point they want to repaint the inside of the sanctuary.  This will be an all day Saturday project.

A lady at Cedar Grove needs a stove and fridge.  She currently cooks her meals in the fellowship hall.  Her husband is in a wheelchair.

Reconcile Church
Contact Will Broadus, 864-671-1046,

They are starting an afterschool program called ”Welcome Leadership Development”.  It will begin on Sept. 3 and run each Thursday from 3-5 PM.  They need some volunteers to come and help the Middle and High School Students with their virtual school work (Tanglewood MS and Carolina HS).  They would really like to have some female volunteers.  Their 3 staff people will be helping.  Volunteers will need to be background checked through RC.  Down the road they hope to add Elementary school students also, and perhaps be able to serve dinner, but as they begin, it will be kept simple.

They also have several rooms that need painting.

Heritage Baptist Church
Contact Chuck Mayo, 864-330-7284,

The children’s area in their building has lead paint.  Following DHEC guidelines, they need to remove the wood trim and doors, and replace with new wood.  The walls are in good shape and can be painted over and sealed.  This is not a job that requires skilled carpenters, but just people willing to work.  Workers will need to wear dust masks, but since we will NOT be sanding the paint, the lead is not being released to the environment.  There are 4 rooms and a hallway that are needing this work.  Heritage BC has the supplies and tools, but they could use some willing workers.


Look for a way to love on a local school, preferably one that your Group has a relationship with. Possibly supply snacks or meal cards for teachers. Find out if the school has a feeding program (ie backpack program) and supply food items for that.  Be very careful to not over promise what your Group could reasonably do.  It may be better to seek to love on one grade level or a subgroup of a school and do that really well.

David has been in conversation with the SCBC leader of Heart4Schools about ways to build a long term relationship with a local school. Their approach is to invest in a school by supplying “Reading Buddies”, “Teacher Support” or “Backpack Buddies”.  Also, several local schools close to RC are already in partnership with local churches.  David has a list of these schools if that would help you in your decision making.

Community Helpers:

A Group could pick a group of Community Helpers, such as Fire, Police, or EMS to love on.  If a Group would focus on just one group of helpers during these 3 months, it could help to build relationships better than going through numerous groups of helpers.  A Group could possibly look for ways to love on the DSS Agency as they work to help place kids.

Assisted Living Facilities:

An idea was suggested about volunteering to wash the outsides of windows to help families who are only able to visit through the windows.

A Group could partner with a facility to send cards to the residents.

Rocky Creek Apartments:

David is checking with Mattie Robinson who runs the after school program at the apartments to see if some of our groups could partner there.  They are still trying to determine what they will do.  The CARES Act may even provide some funds for them to offer Off Site Learning, and perhaps a RC Group might be able to work with them in that opportunity.