January Missions Prayer Newsletter – Part 2

January Missions Prayer Newsletter – Part 2


January Missions Prayer Newsletter
January 18, 2021 (#2 of 3)

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Alton Lanier – West Africa Ministry – alanier@charter.net
Prayer Focus:
• Our goal this year is to increase a presence in our village for sharing the Good News and for Follow Up.
• In March we will meet with local church leaders near our village to hopefully be able to partner with them for ministry.

Brenda Bagwell – Piedmont Women’s Center , Greenville SC – brenda@piedmontwomenscenter.org
Prayer Focus:
• Pray as we seek volunteers to help serve 3-5 hours each week. Also as we seek local churches to partner with our program, “Making Life Disciples”.
• The focus for 2021 is “Tearing Down The Walls of Abortion in our Community”.

Bryce Staggs – Interim Pastor – Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Fountain Inn.
Prayer Focus:
• Pray we would be able to reach our community for Christ. Pray also for several members who are dealing with cancer.
• Praise God we have a new worship leader who can serve on a more regular basis.
• Praise God for a chance to sell the unused parsonage, this will help our finances.
• We continue to want Gospel Groups and RC people to come worship with us

Chuck Mayo – Heritage Baptist Church, Greenville, SC – chuckmayo@icloud.com
Prayer Focus:
• We recently baptized 3 men. One man who had been going through rehab led another to Christ. That man led 2 others (Jesse and Gentry) to Christ.
• Jesse is on house arrest and has to wear an ankle monitor. As he charges it he sits and reads his Bible – for 2 hours a day!!!
• Pray for “A”. She is in a country we cannot name. Many from her team have been expelled for sharing the Gospel.

Ernesto Chaparro – Rocky Creek Hispanic Ministry, Greenville SC – miel2007@hotmail.com
Prayer Focus:
• This year we want to help prepare the leadership of the church to evangelize and to faithfully serve the Lord.
• We currently have 3 discipleship classes, Men, Women and New Believers. Pray for us to raise up assistant teachers for each.
• Join us in praying for our families to be strengthened in their faith & relationships.

GBA Prayer Partnership with North Okkalapar area in Yangon, Myanmar.
Prayer Focus:
• Our hope is for the teams to be able to return to their cities soon. For those teams that remain in the US to stay safe as they wait to return. That the GBA would be able to send at least one team this year. For the Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim people to question their faith during this pandemic and seek Christ.

Holli Baker – Serving in Asia – bakerstoasia@gmail.com
Prayer Focus:
• Praises: Baby Riley (due this spring) is growing big and strong. Holli completed her TEFL Certification. Ryan was able to lead someone to Christ.
• Pray for Holli and Ryan as classes have started back.
• Pray for Asia’s doors to open up soon.