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Posts by Jeremy Johns (Page 8)

Praying While Reading the Bible

In Romans we are told to “be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” This renewal comes from reading the Bible, but we need help to understand the truths of Scripture.  Therefore, we must pray as we read in order to comprehend these great truths. David Mathis shares how in “Four Prayers for Bible Reading.”

Understanding Temptation

Scripture—Read the following passages this week Observe—What is God saying?  What do you learn from the passages? What do I learn about God?  What do I learn about man? Application—How can I know God more through what I have read? Is there anything I need to obey from what I read? How will I practice what I read? Prayer—Write out a prayer to God about what you have learned. Scripture Readings James 1:13-18 Genesis 3:1-7 Mark 7:20-23 Matthew 4:1-11 1…

From Trials to Triumph

Bible Reading for Monday, March 6 – Sunday, March 12: From Trials to Triumph Read the following Scriptures and ask God to teach you truth.  How do these verses apply to your life and how can you know God more through reading them and obeying them? Practice the art of journaling and use SOAP      S – read Scripture and ask God to teach you one thing             Something about God?  Something about yourself?  Something about people?             Something to share…

25 Benefits for Engaging the Bible

The Bible is the main way that God communicates with us.  He reveals who He is through His Word and desires us to know Him through His Word. Steve Demme reported, “A key discovery from the CBE (Center for Biblical Engagement) research is that the life of someone who engages Scripture 4 or more times a week looks radically different from the life of someone who does not.” How often are you engaging the Scriptures? Here are 25 Benefits for…

Introduction to James

Bible Reading for Monday, February 27 – Sunday, March 5:  Introduction to James Pray and ask God to teach you as we study through the Book of James. Read James 1-5 this week (You may want to read it multiple times.) Answer the following questions after reading James 1-5 (It’s helpful to write down your answers.)      What is one Scripture that sticks out to you?  Why?      What truth do you need to apply to your life and how will…

Read Scripture: James

During the months of March, April, and May we will be studying the Book of James in our Bible study groups.  Check out this video for an overview of the Book of James.  Then read the book and discover truth to apply.