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How to Know the Love Language of Your Kids

If you have a difficult time connecting with your child, perhaps you have not yet determined your child’s unique love language. The 5 Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman, Ph.D and Ross Campbell, M.D helps parents connect with their children and raise their children by being aware of the child’s love language. To understand the basics of the book, you can read more here. To purchase the e-book, you can do that here. Which love language do you think…

Living Vicariously Through Your Child

The goal is not for your child to look more like you but to look more like Jesus. 1.    Gen. 5:1-3 (cf. 1:27) 2.    The goal is not for your child to look more like you but to look more like Jesus. 3.    Don’t suffocate your child with lesser pursuits. 4.    What needs to happen for my child to reflect more the image of God?

April’s Focus: Guests

It’s hard to believe that my family has been at Rocky Creek for 2 months now. So much has happened in these initial weeks that I feel like I have been here much longer than that!  So thankful for how God planted us here in this wonderful church. While the first few weeks were spent getting my feet under me and starting with the essentials, I believe we have hit a healthy stride and gotten together a great plan for going…

Sharing the Gospel with Your Child

Occasionally, your child will observe friends who have made decisions to accept God’s gift of salvation and have chosen to follow in believer’s baptism. Every time there is a baptism, you have a great opportunity to share the gospel with your child. While we never want your child to be forced into a decision to follow Christ, we do want you as the parent to have spiritual conversations with your child at those unique moments of worship. Spiritual conversations are like…

Sins of the Father

Resolve to defy any sinful legacy and turn your family around. 1. The sins of the father punish future generations when they become the sins of the children (Deut. 24:16). – Fathers shall not be put to death because of their children, nor shall children be put to death because of their fathers. Each one shall be put to death for his own sin. 2. God does not hold you responsible for any sins other than your own (Ezek. 18:20). – The…

Time for Fun

The alarm clock goes off, and it’s off to the races – backpacks, lunch boxes, car rider lines, straighten the house, run some errands, a second car rider line, unpack lunch boxes, and go through backpacks looking for papers to sign and homework to do. When your day feels like one big rat race, you might forget that there are moments in each day you can capture and cherish with your children. There are moments in each day you can…

Why Does God Allow Evil?

Have you ever wondered why God allows evil? That is one of the most popular questions today from many people, particularly students.  Recently on Wednesday nights in the Storehouse, we answered questions regarding God, Bible, Sin, and Evil. Here is a great little video from Sean McDowell that may help.

The Truth About Satan’s Favorite Lies

Satan is a master of disguise. He knows how to disguise his wolves to attract and ultimately destroy you and your friends. Ironically, Satan’s trap is always the same. He attempts to make the dangerous seem harmless. He makes the ugly seem beautiful. He makes the bad seem good. He makes your wrong choice seem OK. Ironically, Satan’s trap is always the same. He attempts to make the dangerous seem harmless. If you learn to recognize the traps and dangers…

Managing Media

With the increasing amount of media connection, how is a parent supposed to protect their children? How should adults stay accountable?  You can trust the person but not trust the situation. Educate yourself Rearrange the home Install filters

Three Things Parents Should Never Compromise

In your marriage, there may be great reasons to compromise. You may need to compromise and not go to a third store at the mall (even though you really need to check out a huge sale) because your husband really wants to be on time for the movie. Instead, your husband offers to stop back by the mall after the movie so you can check out the sale. This compromise becomes a win-win for both of you. On the other…

Praying While Reading the Bible

In Romans we are told to “be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” This renewal comes from reading the Bible, but we need help to understand the truths of Scripture.  Therefore, we must pray as we read in order to comprehend these great truths. David Mathis shares how in “Four Prayers for Bible Reading.”