As We Gather

As We Gather – May 24th Service Order: Call to Worship – Psalm 105:1-3 ⁃ All Creatures Of Our God and King ⁃ His Mercy Is More Message: The Church That Shares Troubles – [Phil. 4:14] ⁃ Christ The Sure and Steady Anchor Offering/Closing Comments ⁃ This I Believe You Are Sent – Romans 15:5-6

RC Students-Wiki God: Needy God

Travis Agnew’s book Wiki God: The Dangerous Editable Deity is extremely helpful to our recent study of God’s attributes. This week we will study what Travis explains as the “needy” God. Have you, or someone you know, ever thought of God as “needy”? For example, some people may think that God is lonely, therefore, we must spend time with him to make sure He feels that we care.  In light of that, some may even believe that God created humanity…

Summer 2020 RC Collegiates

If you are a graduating high school senior, already a college student, or you have just graduated from college, Rocky Creek wants to connect with you this summer. We desire for this to be a summer where you reconnect with those you have grown up with at Rocky Creek. We hope this is also a summer where you meet new people who have moved into our community since you have been away at college. And…we will also welcome out newest…

What Will This Sunday Look Like?

This Sunday, May 17, we will begin regathering in worship. We will have six smaller worship gatherings on campus that only fill 20% capacity of our worship spaces as an intermediate step. If you haven’t had a chance yet, look at our full regathering plans. A Quick Overview Key Details We’ve taken extra precautions to help your family feel comfortable with coming back to worship. You’ll see hand sanitizer stations set throughout the facility and our cleaning crew will thoroughly…

RC Students – Wiki God: Editing God

Wiki God Travis Agnew’s book Wiki God: The Dangerous Editable Deity is extremely helpful to our recent study of God’s attributes. In his book, Travis Agnew addresses God’s attributes and explains how they have been “edited” to fit what society believes about God. One may ask, “Why is it called Wiki God?” In the first chapter of the book Agnew explains his reasons for its naming. He writes, “Wiki is a type of website that allows collaborative editing of its…

What about VBS?

Summer is just around the corner. Kids are tired of being at home. Parents are tired of having to manage everything around the center of the home. Everyone wants things to be back to normal. So, where does that leave us with our Rocky Creek Vacation Bible School? I am not dependent on VBS to be the primary tool to share the Gospel with children. The answer to the VBS question is that we still don’t know how best to…

As We Gather (Online)

As We Gather – May 10, 2020 Service Order: Call to Worship – 1 Peter 2:9 ⁃ Who You Say I Am ⁃ Is He Worthy Message: When Anxiety Attacks [Phil. 4:4-9] ⁃ The Heart Of Worship Offering/Closing Comments ⁃ When We All Get To Heaven You Are Sent – Romans 15:13

As We Gather (Online)

As We Gather – May 3 Service Order: Call to Worship -Psalm 96:1-6 ⁃ City On A Hill ⁃ Your Love Awakens Me Message: When God’s People Don’t Get Along – Philippians 4:1-3 ⁃ Revelation Song Offering/Closing Comments ⁃ Mighty To Save You Are Sent – 2 Corinthians 13:14

As We Gather (Online)

Service Order: April 26, 2020 Call to Worship – John 3:16 ⁃ God So Loved ⁃ Build My Life Message: I Pledge Allegiance – Philippians 3:17-21 ⁃ He Will Hold Me Fast Offering/Closing Comments ⁃ One Thing Remains You Are Sent – 2 Corinthians 13:14

Family Night – Don’t Miss the Moments

I can’t tell you how many days we have been home together. I can remember the day things started to change because I had a children’s “Secret Missions” event scheduled on the Sunday evening when everyone started asking questions about whether or not people should meet in groups. I adapted the event, called off the restaurant portion of the event, and made sure unsuspecting families were okay with us leaving gifts at their homes. That was March 15, 2020. A…

As We Gather (Online)

As We Gather (April 19) Service Order: ⁃ Your Love Awakens Me ⁃ Scripture Reading: Psalm 146 ⁃ 10,000 Reasons Message: Keep On Keeping On [Phil. 3:12-16] ⁃ How Great Is Our God Offering/Closing Comments ⁃ God So Loved You Are Sent –

Why Did Jesus Die?

Easter is a time of remembrance and celebration. Christians all over the world take this time every year and focus upon the resurrection of Jesus. The Friday before Easter Sunday is Good Friday when we intentionally remember the death of Jesus on a Roman cross. But why is this story of Jesus’ death so important? Was it really necessary for Jesus to die? Surely there must have been a different way to gain salvation. Simply put, Jesus had to die.…