And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful people who will also be qualified to teach others.  -2 Timothy 2:2

Rocky Creek is a church committed to making disciples who make disciples.  That’s why we have established the Entrust initiative that provides college students, seminary students, and those desiring the opportunity to be entrusted with meaningful ministry experiences within a local church.  For those who are preparing for vocational or volunteer ministry, we believe your college experience is critical on what it means to be the church.  That’s why we want to help.

Definitions of Entrust Tracts

  • Projects – Participants in ministry projects are students who need to complete a project for class credit. Under the direction of the professor and with the supervision of the assigned minister, the student will take the initiative to define the steps needed to complete the project and will schedule hours with the assigned minister to plan for the completion of the project. The assigned minister will assist the student and will participate in an end-of-project evaluation to help the student identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses. The student will agree to a code of conduct while serving at Rocky Creek Baptist Church.
  • Internships – Participants in internships are students who can spend a semester at Rocky Creek in an assigned ministry area. The student will receive compensation for travel expenses and also receive a scholarship paid directly to the university. Each intern will agree to a comprehensive ministry plan to expose the intern to various ministries and processes of ministry as well as agree to a code of conduct while serving as an intern at Rocky Creek Baptist Church. Interns will walk away from the semester with a clear description of what the intern has accomplished while serving and will have staff references to be able to use in building a ministry résumé.
  • Residencies – Participants in the ministry residency program are those who can clearly communicate a call to ministry and find themselves at Rocky Creek for a time of intentional discipleship and practical preparation for vocational ministry.  Residents in this program will serve as volunteer pseudo-staff members as a way to prepare to be equipped and entrusted into ministry.

Important Info