Perry Correctional Institution Christmas Celebration

Rocky Creek has an opportunity to invest in the lives of about 150 men in Perry Correctional Institution.  On Tuesday, December 11, we will take a catered meal in to the Visitation room at Perry, serve the men, eat with them, and then lead them in a Christmas program with Christmas music and a message.  Rocky Creek will be one of 8 local churches that get to spend some time with the nearly 900 men incarcerated at Perry for Christmas.

Our time slot on December 11 will be from 6:30 – 8:00 PM.  We will have to arrive at Perry and be ready to check in by 5:45 PM (having already filled out the appropriate forms). Rocky Creek will be partnering with First Baptist Church Mauldin for the catering of the meal.  However, we will need our RC Family to make homemade desserts that we can take to add to the meal.

We need people who are willing to go and spend an evening with these men, to help lead in serving, singing and showing God’s love to them, as well as people who are willing to prepare desserts to send with the team.

Here are two ways you can help with this project:
  1. Make homemade desserts; Cookies, Cakes, Pies (they should be cut and ready to serve, and everything should be on disposable plates or trays).
  2. Volunteer to go in to the Prison and help serve and lead in the Christmas program.This can be men and women, must be 18 years of age.

Volunteers who will go with us into the prison must fill out several forms.  See David Williams for those forms no later than December 2.