Planning Center Giving is the platform through which we account for charitable contributions (100% tax deductible gifts, not payments for events or studies).  Planning Center Registrations will still be used for camps, studies, and other events. 

You may give through Planning Center Giving using this link.  Or you can give through the Rocky Creek App or Church Center App.

Here’s a link to show you about online giving.

You can make a one-time gift to Rocky Creek Baptist Church or set up regular recurring commitments to be automatically drafted from your checking account or debit/credit card.  This method is safe, secure and you won’t have to worry about writing a check each week or mailing an offering when you are away.

We also have a text-to-give option.  Text-to-Give lets donors give using a simple text message. There’s no app to download and setup is easy, so it’s just a faster way to give. Text any amount to 84321 to give.  Standard message and data rates may apply.  Here’s a link to show you how to text-to-give.

Please be aware that there are some additional fees for the church associated with online giving and text-to-give, but Planning Center Giving offers the option for you to cover these additional fees if you so choose.  The church is charged a transaction fee for ACH transactions and credit/debit card transactions.  Additionally, there is a percentage fee that is charged for each credit/debit card transaction.  So, if you set up an ACH through your bank account, instead of using a debit or credit card, there are less fees associated with this type of transaction.

Let’s look at the following example to illustrate this.

For ACH transactions the church will incur a $0.25 charge for each transaction regardless of the amount.  However, if a credit/debit card is used then there will be a $0.30 transaction fee plus a fee of 2.15% of the transaction amount.  The church will be charged the fees for the transactions, but through Planning Center Giving you will be asked if you would like to donate an extra amount to cover the fees.  You can choose to cover these fees if you like, but if not, then Rocky Creek will pay them as part of the service with Planning Center.

So, for a $100 ACH transaction you will be asked if you would like to cover the fees, which would be $0.25.  Therefore, your donation could be $100.25.  $100 goes to Rocky Creek and $0.25 would go to cover the transaction.  However, if you choose not to cover the fees then $99.75 would go to Rocky Creek and $0.25 would be used to cover the fees.  However, whatever amount you give will be reflected in your giving record, either $100.25 or $100.00.

The same $100 credit/debit card transaction would have fees of $2.50.  Therefore, without covering the fees Rocky Creek would receive $97.50 and then have to pay $2.50 in fees.  Or you could pay $102.50 to cover the fees so Rocky Creek would receive $100 of the donation.  Again, the amount you give, either $102.50 or $100.00 is what will be reflected in your giving record.

While $2.25 may not seem like a huge difference, when the amounts are much larger or multiplied over numerous gifts the fees add up.  For example, an ACH transaction of $1000 would have a $0.25 transaction fee.  The same gift with a credit/debit card would incur $22.28 in fees.

If you can set up your account using ACH we can greatly reduce the fees paid by either Rocky Creek or you the individual donor.  Using ACH allows the same ease of giving online or through text-to-give, but it saves much money in needless fees.  So when you set up your account through Planning Center we do ask that you please use ACH, if possible.

If you have any questions concerning our online giving platform, please let Beth ( know.