Children Are important

I would love to tell you about our children’s ministry at Rocky Creek. My name is Joy Emery, and I have the rewarding privilege of guiding the ministry to children and their families at Rocky Creek.

My greatest priority is to Help your family connect and be discipled at Rocky Creek in order for you, As the Parent, to lead your child to know Jesus.

Our children’s ministry team has a heart for children and volunteers as an offering to the Lord to serve our children within the context of the church. All of our leaders have been through background checks and are cleared to serve in our children’s area. We have specific guidelines regarding escorting your children out of the classroom to the water fountain or to restroom areas and are happy to share those pieces of information with you as the parent.

We gather information on each child on the first visit in order to meet the needs of your child and to know if there are any medical conditions or needs you think are important for us to know about in order to best care for your child while you are in a Bible study group. You can print the RC Connection Card to save time on the first Sunday you decide to visit with us. Just print this pre-registration sheet and bring it with you to the Welcome Center to the right of the sanctuary. You will find friendly greeters there waiting to escort you to the children’s area.

Feel free to contact me through email or to call me at 615-364-5235 if I can answer any questions you might have.

Joy Emery
Ministry Coordinator

Kids And Worship

Families have the option to attend worship together at either 9:00 am or at 10:30 am. Our children have the opportunity to sit with their families in corporate worship on Sunday mornings We believe that moms and dads are working with the church to teach their children how to worship. The children’s ministry area can come alongside families who need help in guiding children in worship. Worship is a celebration time of showing praise and honor to the Lord where all family members participate together. 

Sunday Gospel Groups

After families select which hour they will attend worship together, they will attend age-graded Gospel Groups at the other time period (either 9:00 or 10:30 am). Children begin in their individual classes on the third floor of the educational wing. In the middle of the Gospel Group time, all the children join together to study God’s word through drama, Bible reading, and music. Children return to their grade-level Gospel Groups and talk about the application of the Bible study for the day. The great news is that while the children are studying the Bible in their Gospel Groups, their parents are in their adult groups studying the same Scripture passage. Parents pick up their children following the Gospel Group Times.

For your child’s safety and to save you time, print the Pre-Registration Form form, fill it out, and bring it with you on Sunday.

What We Teach

We use the Gospel Project curriculum which is a 3-year chronological plan through the grand narrative of Scripture.

Since all ages are united around this curriculum, it sets up your family to have family discipleship conversations all throughout the day and keeps continuity as your child grows.


Wednesdays with Music and Missions

In order to put hands and feet on our mission statement, our children are engaged in hands-on activities on Wednesday night from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. Each week, children participate in learning about missions and in preparing to engage in missions. Children learn to express praise and love to God through their music and by using their music to minister to others. 

Parent Ministry

Our children’s ministry involves the parent in the process of growing children who love, grow, and serve by living the way Jesus did. Throughout the year, there are events to draw families together. We counsel children regarding salvation while preparing the parents to feel competent in leading their own children to know Christ as Savior.