Gospel Groups are the very core of our college ministry at Rocky Creek Church. This is how we live out our vision of making disciples that love, grow, and serve through intentional relationships. Our hope is that every college-aged young adult connected to our church will also be connected to a Gospel Group. Collegiates gather at 9:00 a.m. on Sundays in room 341.  If you are a North Greenville student, we do have some Gospel Groups that meet on campus during the week.

What is a Gospel Group?

A Gospel Group is simply a group of people devoted to experiencing biblical community together. Gospel Groups meet in homes throughout our city, but groups are not simply once-a-week meetings, Sunday School classes, or Bible studies. The people in a Gospel Group study the Bible and push each other toward Jesus, as well as eat together, play together, serve together, and become family with one another.

How often do Gospel Groups meet?

We want Gospel Groups to develop specific ways that their lives intersect during a typical week. There are 3 main ways that Gospel Groups are enabled to experience community and mission together:

  1. Gather: We think it’s a great idea for Gospel Groups to attend Sunday gatherings together. This may include sitting together in worship, serving together, and/or eating with each other before or after the gathering.
  2. Grow: Gospel Groups spend time together each week focused on pushing each other towards Jesus and building personal accountability for one’s spiritual growth. This could happen at someone’s home, at a local coffee bar, or a restaurant, and is what most people think of when they picture a small group or Bible study.
  3. Go: Gospel Groups also hang out publicly in social situations. This helps your group get to know one another better, while providing an easy platform to invite others into your group. Some groups may become regulars at a restaurant or coffee shop, while others may go to a park or host a board game night. The key is to have a non-threatening environment where you spend time together and are on mission together.

Who should join a Gospel Group?

Any college-aged young adult. Believer or non-believer, member or non-member, introvert or extrovert, we believe Gospel Groups are the best place to experience the gospel lived out.

What happens when you age out of the college ministry?

Rocky Creek has a group of young adults who are in the workforce and desire to build accountability for growing in their Christian faith as they engage in establishing their careers.  If you want to join a group, contact Jeremy Johns to get connected.