Gospel Groups

Gospel Groups

As the church grows larger in numbers, we want to draw closer in relationships.  Christian life was not meant to be lived in isolation but in community with other believers in intentional discipleship relationships.  We are to devote ourselves to one another (Acts 2:42) for the purpose of bearing one another’s burdens (Gal. 6:2) and stirring up one another to love and good deeds (Heb. 10:24-25).


A gospel group is a group smaller than a group in a worship service that gathers together for the purpose of discipleship.

While we have used many names to describe these groups (Sunday School, Bible study groups, fellowship groups, Life Groups, small groups, etc.), we use the term Gospel Groups to refer to groups that gather together to study the gospel, to apply the gospel, and to encourage one another to share the gospel.


Here are some values that we think are important for all Gospel Groups:

  1. AUTHORITY – God’s Word is our guide.
  2. MATURITY – Our leaders are growing.
  3. AUTHENTICITY – It is safe to be real.
  4. ACCOUNTABILITY – We keep each other on the right path.
  5. AVAILABILITY – We are accessible beyond the gathering.
  6. REPRODUCIBILITY – We grow to multiply.


We use The Gospel Project as the guide for our Gospel Groups.  It is a curriculum created by the Southern Baptist Convention’s publishing arm, LifeWay.  These 13-week quarterlies will provide a biblical, united curriculum for all in the church.


  1. Walks through the Bible chronologically – We will get to see the big picture in the actual timeline.
  2. Lets the Bible set the agenda – This isn’t a topical study throwing stories together, we walk through the pivotal sections of Scripture and let it speak.
  3. Unites all ages – From the youngest to the oldest, all ages will be on the same page together enabling us to have family and multigenerational discipleship.
  4. Points to Jesus at every turn – Jesus wasn’t a plan B in the Bible.  He is the centerpiece of the Old and New Testament and this guide shows that.
  5. Helps members become missionaries – Every lesson encourages believers to think outside the group.  Who are we reaching?  Who needs the gospel?  How can we bring them in?

If we can get you in a Gospel Group to grow, please contact Jeremy Johns to sign up for one today!