Joy Emery

Joy Emery

Joy Emery serves as the Ministry Coordinator for Rocky Creek.

Joy graduated from Furman University and was then led to Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth where she graduated with a master’s degree in religious education along with an emphasis in student ministry. She served as the minister of education/youth at First Baptist in Louisville, Mississippi and as minister of childhood education at Wayside Baptist in Miami, Florida.

When living in Nashville, Joy worked at LifeWay as the editor in chief of ParentLife and Living with Teenagers magazines. She still manages to write occasionally for LifeWay. Currently, Joy serves part-time as the children’s coordinator at Rocky Creek. In addition to her ministry at Rocky Creek, Joy is the ministry coordinator of Macedonian Call Ministries where she partners people and churches with ministry opportunities in Uganda and in Cuba.

Joy and her husband, Chris, have three children. Jackson is a student at Liberty University, Kristen is a student at North Greenville University, and Brandon is a high school student. Her husband, Chris, is the Director of Church Lending at the Southern Baptists of Texas Foundation. Joy is passionate about connecting people to Jesus through the church and working with students and their families to keep spreading the Gospel to all generations.

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