Sermons from August 2020

Sermons from August 2020

Convictional Courage in a Compromising Culture

Daniel and his friends had to decide whether they would be transformed by the culture or transformers of the culture. Just like them, we must resolve to show convictional courage in a nation increasingly hostile to biblical values. Daniel 1:8-21 Discover The culture attempted to change the people of God through prosperity – not persecution. Daniel preferred to endanger his security rather than defile his integrity. How could the food possibly defile them? 1. Dietary – The king may have…

Expectant Exiles

When Babylon conquered Judah, the pagan king gathered a group of exiles to alter their worldview in order to reconstruct the whole nation. A small group heeded the biblical command regarding exile expectations and remained expectant of how God could use them during that time.

The Story That Governs the World

The world is in need of a story. People everywhere are disconnected from God and need to know the beauty of His rescue in Jesus. And that’s why Christians everywhere need to be equipped and prepared to effectively share God’s Story, the story that governs the world. Psalm 46  The world is in need of a story. The world needs a story that answers life’s most important questions: How did it all begin? What went wrong? Is there any hope?…

Down But Not Out

The people of God know what it is like to be down but not out. No matter the opposition we encounter, our God continues to hold us steadfast. Psalm 129:1-8 A Song of Ascent – These psalms (120-134) were sung as people ascended to the hill of Jerusalem and upon the steps of the temple to worship together. God’s people must consistently remind one another regarding pivotal truths upon which we must stand. Most people value a group by how…