Sermons from December 2020

Sermons from December 2020

If Thoughts Could Kill

Matthew 5:21-26 Jesus taught that just because your anger may not lead to murder does not mean that your thoughts are unclassified as sin. Unaddressed anger must be confronted in our lives. External actions reveal internal attitudes. Each of us is known by what makes us angry and how we handle it. Address Anger (21-22) Murder is a symptom; anger is the sickness. Insulting others is attempting to empty them of their worth. Judging another’s spiritual condition is actually an…

The Fulfillment We Need

Matthew 5:17-20 The coming of Christ was the fulfillment of the Old Testament expectations and the requirement for our own righteousness. Jesus came from heaven so we could go to heaven. How much claim did Jesus practically have on your life this week? The Christ Fulfillment (17-18) Literal: Jesus fulfilled at least 300 Old Testament prophecies given hundreds of years before he was born. Lifestyle: Jesus lived a perfect life and never disobeyed any of God’s commands. Lasting: We can trust in the promises of God because of the Bible’s unrelenting reliability…

What? In the World?

Matthew 5:13-16 Christians are to avoid being influenced by the world; instead, we are called to be influencers of the world. As salt and light, we are expected to transform the culture around us. What Does Salt Do? (v. 13) What Does Light Do? (v. 14-15) What Do We Do? (v. 16)

How to Be Truly Happy

Matthew 5:1-12 As Jesus began the most quoted sermon in history, he explained what the blessed or happy life looks like. Living according to the principles of the kingdom is a pivotal yet promising paradigm shift. The content of the Sermon on the Mount is to be the Kingdom standard in a confused culture. Jesus’ words are the standard to which disciples should ultimately strive. #1. The poor in spirit receive the kingdom of heaven. You don’t have to have it all together to be accepted by God. #2. Those who…