Order in the Church

Order in the Church

Titus 1:1-9

Churches can easily drift from the biblical mandate.  God’s Word provides specific directions to bring order within a church family.

  1. God wants his church discipled.
    • I serve God; I’m sent by God – not the other way around.
    • Election can either become a nuisance, an avoidance, or an obsession.
    • The most foundational element of election is being in awe that God would actually desire any of us.
    • Faith leads to knowledge.  Knowledge leads to godliness.  Godliness leads to hope.
    • Justification is the declaration of holiness.  Sanctification is the process of holiness.  Glorification is the completion of holiness.
    • Salvation is not the finishing line – it is the starting line.
  2. God wants his church organized.
    • Every church desperately needs convictional and directional unity.
    • God appoints leaders in the church to set things in order.
    • The most effective Christians are the ones who see themselves as part of something bigger than just their personal lives.
  3. God wants his church guided.
    • It’s hard to lead you somewhere if I don’t know the way.
    • God expects pastors to lead with integrity within the home (1:6), community (1:7-8), and church (1:9).
    • Follow leaders who show devotion to their family, their conduct, and their doctrine.
    • It should be easy for believers to submit to leaders who submit to God.
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  1. Nadine

    Absolutely God given revelation!!! A wonderful lady in your church shares these sermons with me. I am continually grateful for the truth spoken by God through you! Truths God revealed, by His Spirit. I know this because it is the same Spirit that testifies these truths within me. It is a good work God is doing through you and to the body of Christ at Rocky Creek! Head up, keep going, strong and courageous is the One within you who reigns and leads your soul. Thankful for the food you are serving, thank you for your obedience!!

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